Sunday, June 10, 2012

Restaurant Review: Meat & Potatoes

With a one year old in tow most places we go, we have become more of brunch and lunch people than the dinner and drinks DINKs we used to be.  This morning we joined friends downtown at Meat & Potatoes for brunch before taking a stroll around the Three Rivers' Arts Festival.  Once again Meat & Potatoes comes through with a wholly satisfying experience.  The waitstaff was more than accommodating of our little one which was a great way to get the morning started.  We were seated in a private room at the front of the restaurant; although I would have liked to sit in the main dining room to get the full ambient experience, the space was comfortable and down home, much like the food.  My husband jumped on the blood mary bar, which features a formidable list of house-flavored vodkas and other delicious sounding boozes to get you started.  I refrained, but was definitely envious of his drink selection! 

I ordered the BPLT, which was an irresistible combination of bacon, pastrami belly (a fatty cut of pastrami), arugula, tomato and truffle mayo on buttery toast.  This was a tough decision because the sweet and savory options sounded equally enticing; my husbands meal was a combo, called the Elvis, it was a sandwich of banana, Nutella, and bacon, oh my.  It looked incredible and he seemed to think highly of it.  Anyway, my sandwich was delicious and hardy, as I expected.  It was more than enough to induce a hazy food stupor and to fill me up until we had a light salad for supper.  Also of note was the friendly, helpful, and just-the-right-amount-of-attention waitress we had.  Once again, Meat & Potatoes proves itself as a stellar addition to downtown Pittsburgh must go check it out!  

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